Why You Should Hire a Professional Plowing Service

Living in Wisconsin you’re no stranger to snow. Shoveling sidewalks, snow-blowing your driveway, and brushing snow off your car are all normal tasks we expect to do almost six months out of the year (because let’s be real, winter may start December 21st, but snow can happen any time from the end of October to almost the end of April!). Wisconsin averages 36 inches of snowfall a year. That’s countless hours of shoveling and pushing snow. Aside from convenience, hiring a professional snow removal company is extremely beneficial.

Health Hazards

While snow clean up is obviously annoying, did you know it can also be a key factor in certain health conditions such as back and muscle pain as well as putting unnecessary strain on your heart? According to a study done in 2019, an average of 11,500 emergency room visits each year are caused by a snow-related injury, and at least 100 of those end in a fatality. Doctors advise that if you are over the age of 55 you need to avoid shoveling as much as you can. Even as a “younger” adult you should always consult your doctor to know whether or not you are healthy enough to safely shovel large amounts. If done haphazardly, leftover snow can be packed down and become a large, slippery, sheet of ice. When using a manual method like snow blowing or shoveling you can’t get close enough to the concrete to ensure as much snow is removed as possible. When you hire a professional snow removal company like Atkinson, our plows are able to get super close to the ground to help prevent any ice build up.

Extra Time

Beyond the health hazards, shoveling takes a lot of time and effort. You already have to wake up early to get ready for work, the last thing you need to be doing is setting your alarm two hours earlier because you have to dig your car out of the driveway. Even if you do just enough to make it down the driveway, by the time you get home the remaining snow has frozen over making it impossible to move. When you sign a snow removal contract with Atkinson, you don’t have to give plowing a second thought. If it snows you are already a priority on our list and we’ll be there to save the day soon!

Prevents Accidents

 When you hire a full licensed and bonded snow removal company like Atkinson, you can trust that we can be professional, thorough, and safe. Unfortunately accidents happen and we know you’d love to support your friend’s little brother’s best friend and his brand new “business,” but what happens when he slips and falls and injures himself or he slides and knocks over your neighbor’s brand new privacy fence? If he wasn’t properly insured that could come back on you since he was injured on your property. Hiring a licensed (and insured!) professional company ensures that both you and the employees are covered in the event of an accident.

Prevents damage to your driveway

Have you ever noticed large scrapes in concrete? There’s a good chance that’s related to a snow plowing incident. When you hire an experienced company it leaves less room for error, even though accidents do still happen.

Let Our Professionals Manage Your Property Maintenance Needs

At Atkinson Maintenance, we care about you and your family’s safety. We offer yearly contracts for snow plowing to ensure that you are a priority whenever the snow hits without even calling us! Signing up for a contract is simple. Contact our office at 920-691-2639 to get started on a snow plowing contract today so that we can do the hard work while you relax!

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