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Lawn Maintenance Service in Jefferson, WI

At Atkinson Maintenance, we’re dedicated to high-quality lawn services and 100% client satisfaction. We work hard to make sure every dollar you spend on lawn maintenance is worthwhile. Our mowing contractors care for residential and commercial properties in Jefferson, Wisconsin; maintaining a perfectly manicured appearance throughout the spring, summer, and fall. If you’re looking for a reliable grass cutting service near you, Atkinson Maintenance is an excellent choice.

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Our Lawn Maintenance Plans Consist Of:


Grass cutting is a tedious task. Every week you sacrifice a good amount of time to mowing your lawn. Reclaim that time by hiring Atkinson Maintenance for affordable grass cutting services. We are happy to mow properties of any size. Give us a call to get a quote.


Our lawn service will help you maintain an immaculate yard. The areas we cannot cut with a mower will be trimmed with a weed-whacker. Another essential element of lawn maintenance trimming is taming any unruly shrubs and plant life.


Professional lawn maintenance is all about a clean, well-manicured appearance. Our lawn service crew will clean up any fallen twigs, trash, and debris we find on your property. We will also clean up the grass clipping left behind from our mowing & trimming services.

Jefferson Lawn Mowing & Maintenance Company

Lawn Maintenance Company Serving Jefferson, Wisconsin

Looking for a Jefferson Lawn Maintenance Company for your residential or commercial property? Make Atkinson your first call for an estimate. We take pride in our work and aim to gain referrals from your satisfaction and the immaculate appearance of your yard. You can trust that we’ll work hard to ensure you get the best lawn maintenance services. Give us a call today or contact us online to find out if Atkinson Maintenance is the right match for your needs.

Jefferson Snow Plowing Service

Homeowners & businesses in Jefferson, Wisconsin can count on Atkinson Maintenance for top-rate snow plowing services. Our professionals will arrive in a timely manner to remove snow from your driveway or parking lot and salt icy areas. Prompt snow removal will keep your pavement clean and safe; helping reduce the chance of slips and falls. Snow plowing services are also desirable among homeowners who don’t have the time or physical strength to shovel their driveways. Let’s discuss your snow removal needs and options for a winter contract with Atkinson Maintenance. Contact us!

Jefferson, WI Snow Plowing Service

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