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Need a Remodeling Contractor in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin? We want to hear from you! Give us a call to discuss your remodeling project and how Atkinson Maintenance help.

We take pride in a job done well and are dedicated to exceeding our clients’ expectations at every turn. You can trust our general contractors to make your time and money worthwhile on projects large and small. We’d be happy to tell you more – let’s talk!

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General Contractor in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin

We Remodel Homes & Apartments in Fort Atkinson, WI

Whether you’re looking to remodel one room, an entire house, or multiple apartments, Atkinson Maintenance is a smart choice. We have the experience and resources to properly update any space. Bathroom and kitchen remodels are requested most often – from both our residential and commercials client. These areas often wear faster than others and small improvements can make a large difference on the look and function of a bathroom or kitchen. Let’s discuss your ideas for an upgrade and why our general contractors are the best choice.

Fort Atkinson Kitchen Remodeling Contractors

Kitchen Remodels

Are you dreaming of a kitchen island, beautiful wood cabinets, and a tiled backsplash? Atkinson Maintenance can make your dream kitchen a realty! Let’s discuss your floor plan and how we can improve the aesthetics and function of your kitchen.

Bathroom Remodeling Contractor Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin

Bathroom Remodels

Your bathroom should be an oasis – and we’d like to help you create it. A new vanity and luxury shower are in your future, we can feel it. Make the most of your bathroom remodel by choosing our amazing remodeling contractors for the job!

Apartment Remodeling Services Fort Atkinson, WI

Apartment Remodels

Whether you’re remodeling one apartment or many, consistency in look and function is important. Our contractors will help you choose cost-effective, durable materials and walk you through styling options that fit your needs.

Let Our Licensed Professionals Manage Your Building Maintenance & Repair

Building Maintenance & Repair Services Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin

Do you own or manage a property in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin? We’d be happy to manage your building repair and property maintenance needs. Buildings, especially those with multiple tenants, require more upkeep than residential homes. You can trust Atkinson Maintenance to monitor the wear of your building and provide service as needed. Our building repair and maintenance services include, but are not limited to:

  •         General Interior Repairs
  •         Tile Repair & Replacement
  •         Lighting Repair
  •         Plumbing Repair
  •         Interior & Exterior Painting
  •         Siding Replacement
  •         Window Replacement
  •         Engress Window Installation
  •         Mowing & Plowing

Don’t waste your money or time on a contractor lacking the resources or experience to properly care for your building. Contact our incredible professionals to learn more about our services and to get an estimate.

We Offer Residential & Commercial Lawn Maintenance Services in Fort Atkinson

We offer Lawn Maintenance in Fort Atkinson, WI. Get an estimate on a lawn maintenance contract for your property – contact us! Our lawn maintenance services include: mowing, weed whacking, trimming, and cleanup. We’d be happy to maintain your lawn this spring & summer. Call us to learn more.

Lawn Maintenance Services

Fort Atkinson Snow Plowing Services

Fort Atkinson Snow Plowing Contractors

Atkinson Maintenance is proud to offer top-notch snow plowing services in Fort Atkinson. We have winter contracts that fit the needs of residential & commercial clients. Get a quote for your property today – call us!

During the winter, we’re focused on providing timely, cost-effective snow plowing services that our clients can depend on. Our snow plowing professionals will keep your driveway or parking lot clear after heavy snowfall so that you can focus on your normal routine.

Let’s discuss your contract options and why Atkinson is the best choice for the job. Contact us.

Located in Fort Atkinson, we serve Jefferson County areas including: Fort Atkinson, Jefferson, Waterloo, Lake Mills, Watertown, Whitewater, Johnson Creek, Cambridge, Lac La Belle, Palmyra, Sullivan, and the surrounding areas.

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