Five Things to Keep Original in an Old House Remodel

Right now house flipping is a huge trend. Home improvement television has given everyone the bug to get out and get their hands dirty. We think this is awesome, but we also feel heart broken when we see stand out features in older, more “vintage” homes are ripped out and replaced with their modern counterparts. Here are some features you may want to consider refinishing instead of replacing!

  1. Hardwood Floors. Hardwood floors are not made the same as they once were. In order to boost efficiency, many different building materials are mass-produced today which lowers the quality. Original hardwood floors are a great way to maintain the character of your home. If they’ve seen better days you can sand them down and refinish them to give them a whole new life!
  2. Trim and moldings. The days of intricate moldings and elaborate trim are slowly fading away. If your home was built with custom trim around doors and windows, try your best to preserve this! If a piece is missing or damaged contact a local woodworker to see if they can recreate it! High quality details like trim and molding are a unique addition to a home.
  3. Original Hardware. Unless it’s no longer functional, try to keep the original knobs, drawer pulls, and even outlet covers! Older homes often have unique brass hardware that stands out instead of blending in!
  4. Built in shelving. Many homes built in or around the 1920’s feature built-in shelving. While it is becoming popular again, older homes almost always have a lot of built in storage! In the past few decades many homeowners have chosen to remove build in storage. We think it adds an eclectic feel to any home! Use it for books, storage, or decorative purposes.
  5. Shutters. Not only are they visually appealing, shutters are extremely functional additions to any home new and old. They also can help save on energy costs as they keep the outside weather outside! Functioning shutters also are a more sturdy alternative to blinds. 

There is so much character and beauty in an old house. The time, effort, and attention to detail in home building has changed significantly over the past few decades. If you’re lucky enough to find an amazing craftsman house, preserve some of the timeless details while adding in your own modern flair! If you are interested in learning more about home renovations and remodels contact our team today!

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